April 2024

how nature heals

Hooray, it’s spring! Nature is green and awake, the birds are singing and the days are finally longer again. We want to go out, smell the forest and feel the sun on our skin. That’s good and healthy. Because nature heals us, energises us, and brings us back to balance. In this newsletter, we take you out […]
February 2024

ai or i am? what it means to be human.

Artificial intelligence is changing our (working) world. Fundamentally and rapidly. For most of us, the question is to what extent AI will influence our own job. In this newsletter, we too look at this omnipresent topic, but focus on human qualities. Because it is precisely these qualities that make the difference to intelligent technology. We […]
December 2023

family business

Christmas is the festive season for families. Are you looking forward to spending time with your loved ones? And are you enjoying the quiet days in between the years? We also celebrate Christmas with presents on Christmas Eve, but in combination with a good Dutch tradition. After Christmas dinner, we give each other small presents, […]
November 2023

more eco, less ego. together, we can create a better world

Now that the days are getting shorter and darker, our energy levels are also falling. That makes it all the more important to get out and soak up nature. Nature and community are fundamentally important to us. Research confirms that people who are close to nature suffer less from stress, anxiety and depression, feel better […]
September 2023

Japan, ikigai and equilibrio

Travelling is always a source of inspiration. Did you explore another country this summer? I was lucky enough to travel to Japan with my family and want to share some experiences with you today. What immediately strikes you in Japan is the peace, safety and cleanliness. The streets, public toilets and parks are extremely clean, […]
July 2023

Stay connected.

Are you currently in home office or on-site in the office? And how does flexible working function in your environment? The pandemic has accelerated digitalisation and changed the way we work. While home office used to be a privilege, it is now everyday life in many companies and organisations.* On the one hand, it’s great […]
May 2023

We are even more us.

Constructive feedback is extremely important because it shows us what we ourselves do not see so that we can change things for the better. In the case of our communication feedback from two participants in our programme set the ball rolling. After taking part in an equilibrio workshop in Sardinia the owners of a communication […]
April 2023

leadership starts with you.

In times of New Work, self-leadership is a highly demanded competence and therefore also a much-discussed topic. But how does self-leadership work? Does it bring you forward? And is self-leadership crucial for the success of your team? Tommaso’s beautiful metaphor on self-leadership is: Are you the thermostat or the thermometer? Because as the thermostat, you […]
March 2023

what inspires you?

Inspiration is usually found when you keep an open mind and try something new. To get inspired, we expanded our radius and spent a few days with four very different young women of various nationalities who already knew equilibrio. We were simply curious about what interests, drives and inspires them and what we can learn […]
January 2023

up for something new? so are we.

Did you have a good start to the new year? And have you already made plans? The beginning of the year is a good time to boost your own development, because now the “awakening phase” is the time for new beginnings. We have a desire for something new and are ready to take off. We […]
December 2022

are you ready for the completion?

2022 is coming to an end. How did you experience this year? Have you already reviewed it and thought about how you can conclude it in a good way? Nature going into winter sleep is an important phase of completion after waking up in spring, growing in summer and reaching harvest time in autumn. So […]

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