April 2023

leadership starts with you.

In times of New Work, self-leadership is a highly demanded competence and therefore also a much-discussed topic. But how does self-leadership work? Does it bring you forward? And is self-leadership crucial for the success of your team?

Tommaso’s beautiful metaphor on self-leadership is: Are you the thermostat or the thermometer? Because as the thermostat, you act and regulate the room temperature. On the other hand, as the thermometer you only react to the room temperature and have no decision-making power yourself. This is a principle that can be applied to every situation in life. If you consciously lead yourself, you examine your options for action and decide independently what to do. This independent behaviour is an essential prerequisite for acting on one’s own responsibility and making wise decisions.

In this newsletter, we introduce you to the effective tools with which we shed light on your personality, identify strengths and potentials and create the conditions to consciously lead yourself. In addition, we offer you a personality portrait and our full attention in a free coaching session, so that you can get to know yourself better. In this sense: There is nothing good unless you do it.

Leadership starts with you. You have the freedom to decide what you do in every situation. Regardless of what others do or expect of you. In order to make good and responsible decisions, it is important to be aware of your options and to act reflectively. This is how you can lead yourself and grow. And this is where Lumina comes in. With the Lumina Learning Tools you get the opportunity to learn more about your personality, to recognise behavioural options and to share them in coaching. I have summarised what Lumina can do in five points.

  1. Discover hidden pearls
    In each of us there is hidden potential that we do not yet use in everyday life. With the Lumina portrait you become aware of these “hidden pearls” and discover new qualities in yourself.
  2. Say what you can
    Describing your strengths precisely is not easy for most people. The descriptions in the Lumina portrait enable you to clearly formulate what makes you tick. This improves cooperation.
  3. Valuing and using diversity
    Teams are successful when skills complement each other. With Lumina, we identify the different strengths and preferences of your team members. This helps you understand each other better and use the differences to optimise your team’s performance.
  4. Dealing better with stress
    In your Lumina portrait you learn what stresses you and how you react under stress. Based on this, we can discuss behavioural possibilities to equip you for these situations or to free yourself from them.
  5. Define own goals
    With Lumina and in coaching, you receive comprehensive input to define your personal development goal. In this way you are well prepared to take the next step.

so much for the theory.
off to practice.

As a systemic consultant, entrepreneur and managing director of the Lumina Learning Strategic Alliance Germany, I highly appreciate working with the Lumina tools. In more than 1,500 coaching sessions , I have experienced how extremely helpful the profiles are for each individual, but also for team building. When I met Tommaso and with him Equine Guided Education, I was immediately fascinated. We realised that our approaches complement each other perfectly and developed the holistic equilibrio programme in 2018.

equilibrio picks up where Lumina leaves off. That is why some participants call it “Lumina Next Level”. During the coaching sessions in nature and with the horses, the all-important reality check takes place. Get out of your comfort zone! We consciously put you under pressure. You will be confronted with your emotions, inner hurdles and physical reactions. You recognise your stress behaviour, can consciously counteract it and build resilience. This equips you for challenging situations in everyday (work) life.

Equilibrio transforms consciousness into action. You learn to use the space between stimulus and response and can consciously guide yourself.

Working on the Lumina Mat creates awareness of one’s own body language and authentic goal setting.
During coaching in nature and with the horses, the important reality check takes place.

You want to learn more about yourself, your strengths and preferences? As an introduction we’ll create a free Lumina personality portrait for you. Simply click on the link and fill out the questionnaire. Afterwards, we’ll arrange a coaching session to discuss your portrait and bring out your hidden pearls.

We treat your information of course strictly confidential.

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