July 2023

Stay connected.

Are you currently in home office or on-site in the office? And how does flexible working function in your environment? The pandemic has accelerated digitalisation and changed the way we work. While home office used to be a privilege, it is now everyday life in many companies and organisations.*

On the one hand, it’s great that we work more flexibly, digitally and efficiently. On the other hand, we also realise that too much home office is often too little. Where is the team spirit in team meetings? Where is the short “hello” and the exchange in the corridor? How do you lead your team when you no longer see people regularly? And how do newcomers fit into the team and the company?

Whether virtual or real: teamwork makes the dream work. People need connection. And that’s exactly why we invite you with this newsletter to stay in touch. With your environment, with yourself and of course with us.

* According to a survey by the Hans Böckler Foundation, three quarters of employees who have experienced working at home during Covid want to continue working at least partly from home.

As human beings, we have a deep desire for connection, exchange and strong relationships. We need the feeling of belonging and want to be a valuable part of a group. This insight is also reflected in the African philosophy of life called Ubuntu, which is practiced mainly in southern Africa. The word Ubuntu comes from the Bantu language and means something like “humanity”, ” love of one’s fellow beings” and “public spirit”. Ubuntu refers to a basic attitude based on mutual respect, respect for human dignity and striving for a harmonious society, but also refers to the belief in a “universal bond of sharing that connects everything human”.

stay connected.
with each other and with yourself.

Being in connection is also an important part of our work at equilibrio – especially when coaching in nature and with the horses. Through mindfulness exercises you sharpen your senses and immerse yourself in nature. The sensitive horses sense your energy and directly reflect your emotions and thoughts in their behaviour. If you are genuine and present, you can connect emotionally with the horse under the guidance of the EGE coach, set a clear direction and lead the animal naturally.

This is a fundamental experience that shows: without connection, for example to your team, you cannot lead. And the connection to others comes through openness and emotion. Authentic and present, you are experienced as a natural leader and can lead yourself and your team with confidence. Try it for yourself. Contact us and register for an equilibrio Leadership Programme in September.

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