March 2023

what inspires you?

Inspiration is usually found when you keep an open mind and try something new. To get inspired, we expanded our radius and spent a few days with four very different young women of various nationalities who already knew equilibrio. We were simply curious about what interests, drives and inspires them and what we can learn from them. Thrilled by their honesty and energy, our conversations quickly went deep, and we realised: These smart women are open-minded, courageous, reflective and up to something new: very refreshing!

Fun and meaningfulness make a good team. The ladies find inspiration for personal development playfully with “Spark by Seek Discomfort” and on digital platforms such as the YouTube channel “Yes Theory” (see below). Experiencing nature is just as important. This is another reason why the four are real equilibrio fans.

Together we openly shared our feelings, experienced powerful moments outside the comfort zone and experienced and learned an enormous amount from each other. We want to share some of this in this newsletter. With the inspiring tips of the young women, we invite you to leave your comfort zone and share personal topics with others. You will be surprised what comes out of it. In this sense: Seek discomfort!

Impressions from our meeting in the Lüneburger Heide (near Hamburg, Germany). The food was of course healthy and Italian, as Tommaso cooked for us.

seek discomfort. 
and explore your natural leadership.

If you always stay on familiar ground, you stand still and will get rusty. Personal development requires a step out of the comfort zone. And the courage to take this step. In the equilibrio workshops we take you out of your comfort zone and make you aware of how you act and are perceived under pressure. In coaching supported by the work with horses you will be confronted with your own emotions, inner hurdles, and physical reactions. In this way you learn to recognise your stress behaviour, to counteract it in a targeted way and to build resilience. Do you want to change or realise new plans? Sign up for one of our workshops right away.

“Life’s greatest moments and deepest connections are outside your comfort zone.” With this belief, Ammar Kandil, Thomas Brag and Matt Dajer produced their first YouTube videos in 2015. Today, their platforms “Yes Theory” and “Seek Discomfort” have a worldwide community. In a short, inspiring video, the founders describe how dreams become realities. Just watch the film and take the first step yourself to make your dream come true.

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