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We, Ingrid Wouda Kuipers and Tommaso Migliozzi, founded equilibrio in 2018. We complement each other and combine our experience in business leadership and consultancy, systemic coaching and Equine Guided Education to create a holistic leadership programme that accompanies people intellectually, emotionally and spiritually on their forward paths.

“We bring people into their full power. And that's what drives me."

Ingrid Wouda Kuipers

Ingrid likes to start her coaching sessions with the question: “how are you feeling?”
Because most of the time we are not aware of our emotional state, but still display it perceptibly to the outside world. Her enthusiasm, special sensitivity and empathy allow Ingrid to tap into and liberate the hidden potential that slumbers within us.

Ingrid Wouda Kuipers is a systemic consultant, founder and managing director of her consulting and coaching company and of Lumina Learning Strategic Alliance Germany. With her background in marketing, corporate strategy and communication she speaks the language of international companies, their leaders and teams. Born in the Netherlands, she lives with her family in Hamburg.

„Feel more to think better.”

Tommaso Migliozzi

Our body language speaks more than a thousand words. Horseman and Equine Guided Education Coach Tommaso has the highly unusual gift of being able to concisely perceive emotions and to read people’s body language. Through his open feedback and emphatic coaching, people are able to see themselves, find themselves and unfold individual natural leadership. At the same time, Tommaso’s extensive knowledge of philosophy, literature, art and history also flows into his work. His inspiring statements and quotes touch and move us because they possess a deep truth.

Tommaso Migliozzi has been practising horsemanship for more than 30 years and Equine Guided Education for over 10 years. He grew up in Naples, has lived and worked in many countries and currently resides in Rome.

explore your natural leadership.

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