November 2022

the power of now.

How do you feel – now, at this moment? Probably like most in these challenging times. The terrible war, inflation, energy crisis and last but not least rising Corona numbers are valid reasons to worry about the future. But how can you switch off the racing mind? How do you manage to be focused and full of energy?

The key is presence. Because we can neither change the past nor foresee the future. But we can shape the present here and now. Presence makes you strong. When you are not distracted, but completely in the now, you perceive yourself and your surroundings consciously and more intensely. You have more energy and feel better. Because feelings of happiness only exist in the present. When you are present, you shape your life and are not shaped by it. In short: you can make a difference. 

How does being present work? Just continue reading.

In our Natural Leadership Programme you learn to be present and self-aware.  The low-stimulus, natural environment makes it easy to sharpen your senses and focus. “How do you feel?” Mood checks create an awareness of how you are feeling at any given moment. Working with horses in particular makes it clear how important presence is. To lead a horse, you need to be fully present. “Be open. Be connected. Be present.” Equine Guided Education Coach Tommaso supports you to be fully in the now and to connect emotionally with the horse. If this succeeds, the horse perceives you as a natural leader and allows itself to be led as a natural consequence. An experience that will change you and enrich your leadership style. 
Does that sound exciting? It is. That’s why you or your team are welcome to register for one of our workshops and experience how much power it gives to be present.

Our book tip for more presence:

“the power of now” by eckhart tolle

Best-selling author Eckhart Tolle succeeds in conveying even deep truths with great clarity. Captivating in its simplicity and poetry, this book brings us to the Now. Here is a gateway, says the author, use it! So what are you waiting for? Look forward to sitting on your sofa and to a cosy evening full of insights.

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