open your mind.
follow your heart.
lead in equilibrio.

In a time of continuous change, it is important to know who you are and the place you wish to assume in the world. But in complex and high-pressure everyday work routines, it is easy to lose sight of your own master plan and even of yourself. Our Natural Leadership Programme provides you with the space and opportunity to find your centered self and become aware of your innate strengths and potential. You build resilience, act authentically and learn to lead yourself and others naturally.

equilibrio helps people to identify their purpose and unfold their individual natural leadership.

We mediate your individual leadership potential and development goal within a framework of confidential discussions and with Lumina Learning Tools.
In coaching within a natural environment we focus on your non-verbal communication. Supported by work with horses, you are confronted with your emotions, inner barriers and physical reactions. This is an important step towards identifying stress behaviour, consciously counteracting this and building up resilience.
You attain balance. You can genuinely be yourself and consciously lead yourself in a direction that makes sense, fulfils you and drives you.
You will be perceived as a natural leader who has the authenticity, presence and power of persuasion to shape the future together with your team.

the holistic equilibrio methodology:

our coaching starts with you and your goals. with the lumina learning tools.

Each of us has different strengths and preferences. Using the scientifically validated Lumina Learning tools we create a comprehensive personality portrait, uncover hidden potential and if necessary define your individual development goal, in coordination with your organisation. This way you will be perfectly prepared for our workshops.

Lumina Spark
  • identifies the facets of personality
  • improves self-awareness
  • reveals hidden potential
  • helps to cope more effectively with pressure
Lumina Emotion
  • explores emotional intelligence
  • increases the ability to deal with emotions
  • helps to act according to personal values
  • supports personal well-being
Lumina Leader
  • mediates a deep understanding of the personal leadership style
  • strengthens self-confidence and authenticity
  • sensitises to needs in the team and in the organization
  • leads to self-reflection via 360° feedback

equine guided education.
horses are the best coaches.

Horses see and comprehend humans as part of their environment. They sense our energy and respond sensitively to every change. They thus directly reflect our emotions and thoughts in their behaviour.

In Equine Guided Education (EGE) we utilise the intuition and sensitivity of horses.
EGE coach Tommaso translates the animals’ impartial feedback to enable you to gain awareness of your emotions and your body language. This is an important ‘aha’ experience, because more than 90 percent of our communication occurs non-verbally.

Under the guidance of the coach, you learn how to be authentic and present, establish an emotional connection with the horse, set a clear direction and lead the animal in a completely natural way. The experience of leading effectively but naturally will transform and enrich you.

natural leaders create a better world.

Natural leaders make the human difference in our highly technical world.
They sensitively recognise individual strengths and preferences. In an authentic and sincere way they create a sense of togetherness that benefits and bonds. It is the precondition for all members of a team to develop their full potential. Resilient and convincing, they contribute to the positive development of the organisation.

start leading yourself.

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