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Equilibrio brings together head, heart and belly and connects people who want to shape their lives in a self-confident and meaningful way. Inspired by the coaching, the intensive experiences with horses and the feedback from other participants, you will return to everyday life full of energy after a workshop. To enable what you have experienced and what is new to become a part of your life, it is important to stay connected. With you. With us. And with the community. Therefore, take time for regular exercises that help you find your balance. Talk to us, treat yourself to a virtual or personal refresh session, and immerse yourself in thoughts of nature and the situations with the horses in between. Lead in equilibrio.

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equilibrio at home:

An exercise that you can integrate into your everyday life again and again.
For example now.

simply be

Focus entirely on your breath.
Breathe in deeply and breathe out even longer.
Repeat this conscious breathing several times.

Then do the presence check:

  1. Where are you now?
  2. What are you doing right now?
  3. How does your body feel?
  4. What emotion do you sense?
  5. Where are your thoughts?

Come into consciousness and into the now.
Take this feeling with you into your everyday life.

status quo

A simple test gives you information about your professional status quo, and therefore orientation. Put yourself in your current professional situation and answer the following questions:

  1. Where am I in my career?
  2. How am I coping in this situation?
  3. What do I need now?
  4. And do I want to change anything?


Start the day in equilibrio. A short self check will help you to be open, present and in connection with yourself.

  1. Stand up straight. Feel the ground. Your feet are hip-width apart and pointing forward. Breathe in deeply and then out again.
  2. Loosen your neck by moving your head from right to left and back again several times.
  3. Open your eyes and look around. Look at everything carefully without moving your head.
  4. Open your mouth wide and move your jaw back and forth to loosen it.
  5. Pull your shoulders up, hold them up for a moment and then let them drop down. Repeat this several times and continue to breathe deeply in and out.
  6. Place your left hand on your heart, with your right hand resting about two fingers’ breadth below the navel. Breathe deeply into your belly and into your heart centre. Feel the connection between these two energy centres.
  7. Let your pelvis circle until it feels loose.
  8. Bend your knees several times. Feel how well grounded your feet are now. Take another deep breath in and out.

stress away

When you feel stressed, simply focus on your breathing.

  1. Breathe in deeply and as slowly as possible through the nose.
  2. Hold your breath with full lungs, feel the pressure expand.
  3. Then let the breath flow out through the nose in a controlled and slow way.
  4. When your lungs have emptied, hold your breath.

Repeat the exercise several times until you feel yourself getting calmer.

“It is very touching to see and experience what becomes possible when we connect to the horses. I often remember this feeling in my daily life. And then suddenly, in my mind I am standing on the field in front of the horses und I think: ‘Stay in the here and now und do and say what you feel.’

Dörte Abild, Consultant

“Together with my management team I took part in Ingrid’s and Tommaso’s programme. It is unique and inspiring. We were confronted with how we as a team behave under pressure and how we can best support each other in such situations. By doing so, we got to know each other better. We grew closer as a team. I definitely want to come again.”

Dr. David Wilde, Chairman

“The intense work with the horses took me out of my comfort zone and showed me how important it is to be present and focussed. The relaxed environment makes concentrated work and quick connection with the surroundings and the horses much easier. There were many opportunities to reflect and to just be with yourself.”

Chris Malmen, Chief Financial Officer

“equilibrio was and is a very special experience. The combination of work with the horses and Lumina is unique. The horses helped me recognisze my emotions, and to trust and follow my gut instinct. Working with Lumina enables me to effectively use this emotional aspect at work. ‘“Feel more to think better’” is what Tommaso preaches in the equilibrio sessions – and that is exactly what I have learned. I can only recommend everyone to make this experience for themselves.”

Laura Doms, Global Communications Manager

“It is good to know what you can do. But it is equally important to feel and experience what you can achieve. And that is exactly what happens at equilibrio.”

Dagmar König, Creative Director

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