February 2024

ai or i am? what it means to be human.

Artificial intelligence is changing our (working) world. Fundamentally and rapidly. For most of us, the question is to what extent AI will influence our own job. In this newsletter, we too look at this omnipresent topic, but focus on human qualities. Because it is precisely these qualities that make the difference to intelligent technology.

We highlight what makes us humans special and what opportunities arise when we are aware of our feelings and utilise our human potential. And, are you curious? Fantastic. Because curiosity is human.

our question for chatgpt:

human beats artificial.
what sets us apart and makes us special.

AI enables machines to use intelligence and learn when performing tasks. In a study, the Americans T. Eloundou, S. Manning, P. Mishkin and D. Rock predict that LLM-based software (large language models such as ChatGPT) will be used in 47-56% of work tasks in the future. (Source: BPB, Federal Agency for Civic Education, 2023)

The more excellent the performance of machines becomes, the more important unique human strengths become. So what characterises the human success principle beyond knowledge, intelligence and physical abilities? It is our humanity, it is the “soft factors”, it is our emotions. Being human means acting empathetically, compassionately and intuitively. Being human means living with and for each other, being able to communicate and work in a team. It is our human strength to combine reason and emotion and to be creative. So let’s become aware of our feelings and human strengths and use them in a targeted way to shape our digitalised and technologized world in a human way.

What is your answer to the question “How do you feel?” Now, in this moment? Many people only answer “Good” and therefore don’t really answer at all. They are not aware of their emotional state and are therefore unable to express themselves clearly and in a differentiated way. But it is extremely important to know what you are feeling. Because we all have stress triggers that lead to instinctive body reactions. Those who are able to recognise their emotions and act in harmony with them have a clear advantage.

Here’s an example: Imagine a person (or situation) unconsciously triggers anger in you. Your body reacts first. You get warm, you turn red, you feel your pulse. Then you act out, get loud, lash out. And then you regret your behaviour. You didn’t want to be provoked, but you couldn’t prevent it.

This is exactly where equilibrio helps. Coaching with horses gives you access to your deep-seated emotions. We put you under targeted pressure in a safe environment so that your emotional behaviour patterns come to light. But now you have the chance to consciously perceive your behaviour and receive non-judgemental feedback. Because the sensitive horses react to the energy you are radiating – and take flight. We repeat the exercise. You learn to recognise the anger that arises and take a deep breath. The horses sense that you are becoming calmer. They feel safe again and come closer. By becoming aware of your own emotional state and impact on others and managing it, the development begins, that will have a lasting effect on your professional and personal relationships. You learn to lead yourself and others naturally and in the best human sense.

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