April 2024

how nature heals

Hooray, it’s spring! Nature is green and awake, the birds are singing and the days are finally longer again. We want to go out, smell the forest and feel the sun on our skin. That’s good and healthy. Because nature heals us, energises us, and brings us back to balance.
In this newsletter, we take you out into nature. You will learn more about the positive effect of natural environments on our health and on our ability to concentrate, and you will see how you can increase your presence with an outdoor exercise and find your inner balance outside with equilibrio. Just follow your nature and come along!

Nature heals. People who are in touch with nature suffer less from stress, anxiety and depression and feel better overall. Regular contact with natural light and fresh air ensures that we sleep better and can recover better. Scientists are questioning why this is the case and have been investigating the effect of nature on our brains for several decades. In the 1980s, psychologists Rachel and Stephen Kaplan developed the now highly acknowledged attention restoration theory (ART), which hypothesizes that spending time in nature improves our concentration and renews our attention after a mental effort. Research using EEG and other measures confirm this. Rhythmic brain activity during nature exposure indicates better attention, higher functional connectivity and altered sensory processing. Exactly these findings correspond with increased focus, cognitive flexibility and creativity. 
In short: integrating nature into your everyday life improves your well-being and performance. Just give it a try. Our exercise will help you.

equilibrio – powered by nature.

In nature, everything naturally follows a rhythm without any hectic pace. A new cycle begins in spring – it is the awakening phase. Our coaching partners, the horses, lose their winter coat, eat less, move more and look more athletic again. They are part of nature, live in the now, and are present.

We can learn from them and use the power of nature for our equilibrio programme. Whether in the forests and meadows of the Lüneburger Heide or on the rocky plateaus in the vastness of Sardinia – our locations create ideal conditions for being consciously present with all your senses and recharging your batteries. Because where little is going on, marvellous things happen.

After doing exercises together on the Lumina mat or coaching with the horses, you have time for yourself. During the silent walk alone in nature, your inner voice is given space. You have the peace and quiet to listen to yourself, consciously perceive your thoughts, emotions and inspiration and to capture them in a picture or with notes. Do you want to be connected to yourself in nature? Sign up for one of our workshops.

The Japanese Daruma doll is a lucky charm and, as I know, a very good helper in the fulfilment of wishes. I brought this little figurine back from our wonderful trip to Japan last summer. At the time, however, it still had completely white eyes. Then Tommaso and I made our wish and – as the ritual would have it – drew a pupil in one of her eyes. On 3 April, the time had come. We were allowed to paint the second pupil. Because on that very day, we were able to fulfil our equilibrio heart’s desire. What is it about? A new place in Italy where you can be with yourself and with us. There’s still a lot of work to be done, but we’ve made a start. And the Daruma already lives there. More to sea soon.

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