May 2023

We are even more us.

Constructive feedback is extremely important because it shows us what we ourselves do not see so that we can change things for the better. In the case of our communication feedback from two participants in our programme set the ball rolling. After taking part in an equilibrio workshop in Sardinia the owners of a communication agency said to us, “Your programme is great, but the communication doesn’t represent you. There is definitely potential for improvement.” Really? We had been completely unaware of this until then, questioned our performance and decided to change something. Shortly afterwards, we participated in a workshop to start a comprehensive brand development process… and today our new website is online. We are very excited because it really represents us and of course we’d like to know if it appeals to you too.

equilibrio is a state of emotional and intellectual equilibrium, as all interacting forces are in balance. This is exactly what the new logo and claim are meant to convey.

it’s up to you:

Please take a look at our new website and let us know if you like it and if it represents us. We need your feedback to keep getting better. Thank you.

Communication is effective when it corresponds to the identity of a brand and is therefore authentic. When we started working for equilibrio, it quickly became clear that the programme was much more than the communication at the time suggested. Although the holistic equilibrio approach was described, it could not be experienced in the communication. This had to be changed. With authentic communication that moves emotionally and convinces rationally. With a logo that is itself in balance. With a clear language and memorable messages. And with a design that makes the unique visible. Have we been successful? See for yourself.

The process of brand development has a lot in common with our equilibrio programme. It’s about identifying who you are, what drives you and what you are particularly good at. But because you don’t know how to get there, you ask yourself: Do I really need this? And is it worth the investment? So there’s only one thing left to do: you have to trust and fully engage in the process. You will be surprised at what becomes possible.

Do you also want to go on a journey and learn more about your individual strengths and potentials? Simply register on our website for a free Lumina portrait. Together we will bring out your hidden pearls.

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